• August 18th, 2021

AIL Sound Walls extends product line with STC-rated Tuf-Barrier Plus

The product innovation team at AIL Sound Walls has developed a variation of our reflective Tuf-Barrier sound barrier wall system with an STC rating of 36.

Those familiar with our existing product lineup will know that we previously offered the reflective Tuf-Barrier panel along with two types of perforated absorptive panels — Silent Protector (with mineral wool batt) and Silent Protector Plus (with mineral wool batt and backer board). Cut-away views of four types of AIL Sound Wall panels

The new Tuf-Barrier Plus product was created by adding the mineral wool batt and backer board from Silent Protector Plus to the non-perforated Tuf-Barrier for a heavier reflective panel (7.5 lbs/sf / 36.5 kg/m2) with surprising sound mitigation properties. It has been independently tested at a leading acoustics laboratory and shows very impressive performance stats.

Tuf-Barrier Plus was developed in partnership with Ostergaard Acoustical Associates — a frequent specifier of our sound barrier wall solutions. They saw the cost/performance benefits of adding the mineral wool batt and backer board to the non-perforated panel to better control lower frequency sound and encouraged us to develop this product extension. In fact, Ostergaard has already specified Tuf-Barrier Plus in several projects, including some larger distribution centers where low frequency truck noise is often an issue.

Like our other panels, Tuf-Barrier Plus is also available in our longer XL panels that can span up to 16′ to further reduce installation costs with fewer foundations, posts and panels to handle.

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